Transmission & Distribution, Gas, Water, and Generation

Whether electric, water, gas utilities, or any combination of the three, environmental concerns, new technological frontiers, and changing regulations have all contributed to a new business environment. You face a host of business issues and are more challenged than ever in maintaining and protecting assets as you face continuing pressure to do more with less. But what has not changed is that assets are the ever present core of power in utility industries and your business.

Signum Group is the asset authority and we use our expertise to give you the control you need over your assets to make your business stronger. We have a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise resource planning solutions and a proprietary methodology, SignumWayTM, to provide predictable, high quality results faster with less cost and risk. If your primary focus is improving the performance and cost management of corporate services across your entire enterprise, Signum Group can help.

Optimal business processes for transformative results

Service and Technology Alignment for Utilities

  • Implementation
  • Oracle EBS
  • Maximo
  • Hyperion
  • Integration
  • Maximo with Oracle

  • PowerPlan with Oracle
  • PowerPlan with Maximo
  • Intelligence
  • BI Publisher
  • OBIA

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Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.