Assessment, upgrades, optimization

Signum Group implementation services ensure your technology investments align with your strategic business initiatives. Signum Group creates a step-by-step guide that monetizes the value of each destination, defines each step of the journey, and keeps you in control of the rate/pace of change. For some clients, this means enabling existing feature/functionality of an existing release, upgrading to new releases, or implementing completely new applications.

The challenges businesses face with technology adoption:

  • Managing software costs & spend
  • Managing software visibility (unsure of software locations)
  • Managing software audits
  • Managing licensing agreements
  • Meeting business expectations to achieve more with less

The driving results of implementation services:

  • Effective management of IT assets
  • Stakeholders have transparency to all IT assets in a customizable dashboard
  • Compliance strength during audits
  • Reduced software investment
SignumWay Methodology

Signum Group’s strategic road map for IT project implementations.

Optimal business processes for transformative results


  • SCM
  • ERP
  • Cloud
  • BI/Analytics

Implementation Solutions

  • Audit your existing platforms
  • Create virtual teams to address your specific challenges
  • Build, support, and enforce your policies
  • Reduce costs & drive bottom line growth
  • Ensure compliance & licensing obligations

Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.