Business logistics includes the inbound as well the outbound movement of inventory and supplies. It is critical to business success to achieve an optimum level of demand and supply and reduce costs. A business logistics system is considered to be effective if it helps to reduce the carrying and storage costs of inventory and increase profits flow in the organization. Signum Group helps organizations maximize available tools to employ successful logistics programs including materials procurement, materials management, and overall inventory control.

Logistics controls include:

  • Project demands and requirements
  • Sources of procurement and materials
  • Physical inventory movement and storage

Optimal business processes for transformative results

Service and Technology Alignment for Logistics

  • Implementation
  • Oracle EBS
  • Hyperion
  • OBIA
  • Integration
  • FMS with Oracle
  • Hyperion
  • OBIA
  • Intelligence
  • BI Publisher
  • OBIA

Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.