SignumWay Methodology

SignumWay™ Methodology for IT Implementations

SignumWay™ is a trademarked methodology that is used as a roadmap for IT project implementations. This methodology has been developed based on experiences gathered over a number of successful IT project deliveries by Signum Group. The methodology defines the roles of each team through the lifecycle of an IT implementation. The SignumWay™ workflow paths occur simultaneously.

Optimal business processes for transformative results

Optimize with SignumWay™

Drawn from over 20 years of collective wisdom gained from hundreds of enterprise resource planning projects, SignumWay™ methodology continues to support business growth. Signum Group finds the best results come from a repeatable process that works consistently to optimize asset performance, reliability, and uptime.

  • Process

    Business process mapping for development of decision support system knowledge.

  • Data

    Integrate multiple systems together for to generate dynamic data.

  • Technical

    Accurate configuration of technical systems to deliver long term performance.

  • People

    Custom training programs to enhance user experience.

  • Management

    Complete project management over systems deployments through timely completion.

Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.