Consumer Goods & Industrial Manufacturing

Signum Group provides the manufacturing industry with optimal technology solutions. Whether you are in the business of consumer goods or industrial manufacturing, machine downtime can result in significant damage to production and operations.  Strategizing technology applications is essential to lower maintenance costs, reduce asset downtime, and improve productivity. Signum Group offers a full complement of services and technology that help organizations achieve superior manufacturing processes by optimizing operations for better product and service delivery.

Signum Group helps clients define business processes and setup system configurations to achieve maximum functionality while safeguarding securing sensitive data. Signum Group helps simplify the process with its SignumWay™ toolkit for the manufacturing industry. This includes:

  • Best business practices include procurement, inventory, warehouse management, discrete and process manufacturing, planning, and maintenance
  • Implementation and integration services
  • Software needs assessment and recommendations

Optimal business processes for transformative results

Service and Technology Alignment for Manufacturing

  • Implementation
  • Oracle EBS
  • JD Edwards
  • OBIA
  • Integration
  • CMS with Oracle

  • DCS with Oracle
  • OBIA
  • Intelligence
  • BI Publisher
  • OBIA

Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.