Oil & Gas

Companies in the oil & gas industry must invest heavily in further exploration, production, and refining, yet they face growing challenges. The recent past has seen historic revenue and profit growth at the major oil and gas companies, followed by an unprecedented decline. Now, with global demand slowly starting to rebound, and an increase in oil prices, operations and balance sheets are on the mend. Signum Group and Oracle address these challenges through their solutions, enabling project leaders to successfully manage risk, even in this volatile climate. These solutions can help companies identify the best strategies for pursuing existing projects and the most promising future projects for investment.

Oil & gas exploration and distribution are traditionally asset intensive activities. Maximizing your assets to ensure peak efficiency and safety are critical components of success. Signum Group’s extensive understanding and experience in eAM and EBS in the industry let’s clients maximize property lifecycles and monetize assets.

Optimal business processes for transformative results

Service and Technology Alignment for Oil & Gas

  • Implementation
  • Oracle EBS
  • Maximo
  • Hyperion
  • ESRI
  • Integration
  • ESRI with Oracle

  • Maximo
  • Hyperion
  • ESRI
  • Intelligence
  • BI Publisher
  • OBIA
  • ESRI

Implementation. Integration. Intelligence.

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